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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back in Australia, and Back On-Line

Gday readers - if I have any left! Its hard for me to imagine that just 7 months ago I was still in Manchester (England). Since then I have moved to Aberdeen (Scotland), started a new job and lived there for 6 months and then moved back home to Perth (Australia, not the one in Scotland thank God!). So I have been rather busy with little time for blogging. However I somehow always managed to find time to check the latest on The Oil Drum or Daily Kos, even if it meant spending an extra hour(s) at work. Ooops.

Anyways I have been back in Perth for about a month now and loving it - I have a new, environmentally friendly sport in Kiteboarding (I can recommend the Australian Kiteboarding School and now religiously check and my wife have I have just bought a new house near the beach in Perth's Northern Suburbs (Satellite image shown).

Along with the new house, my priorities in energy issues are going to very much change from the global to the local. Time permitting I will still write on anything that grabs my interest, but in the medium term I will be concentrating on researching and writing on subjects that could have an immediate impact on our personal environmental footprint.


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