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Monday, May 15, 2006

Welcome to Energy Futura

Welcome to Energy Futura. This blog will be an evolution of my Peak Energy awareness, and will subscribe to the "Think Globally, Act Locally" ethic. My particular focus will be on energy issues affecting Australia and the world, and what can be done locally to smooth the change to a sustainable non-hydrocarbon based economy. Please email me any links you feel may of interest, particularly as may apply to energy issues in Perth and Australia as whole.


Anonymous Goa said...

Looks like an interesting blog, I'm looking forward for more to come.

Greets, Goa (from civfanatics)

18/5/06 07:59

Blogger mike said...

Cheers mate! I enjoy the discussion on the civfanatics off-topic forum, as its such a cross section of (reasonably intelligent) opinion. Its too easy to get complacent in an echo-chamber...

I just wish I had more time to actually play Civ... ah well!

18/5/06 23:24

Anonymous tronica said...

hi there Mike, great you've started this blog on such a worthy topic! I don't have the expertise in this area but really concerns me, so will make sure I keep up with your blog.
And look forward to catching up with you (and your lovely wife) when to return to Oz :)

19/5/06 10:11


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